Curves & Confidence

Recently I got the opportunity to work with the bodacious, curvacious Veronica Tejado, one of Wilhelmina’s newest plus-sized models. Veronica and I met once previously at a mutual friend’s going-abroad party and immediately bonded over food and fabulousness. After our shoot, we (along with stylist Karima Renee for TheSkinnyMinorityStyling and makeup guru Tatiana Ward for BeatFaceHoney) went out for dinner and had some awesome food and correlating conversation. Among the topics that we chewed over that night (lame pun intended) were a few that really stuck with me: how to chase your dreams wisely, body image, and the importance of good support systems.

I want to expound upon the latter topic for a bit. (For all you non-readers, the link for the pretty pictures is down below.)

It’s no secret that having a good support system is crucial to success on any level in any instance, but it is surprisingly shocking how many people live without one. On a whole, my family has been pretty supportive of me growing up and encouraged me to follow my dreams, so long as they led to stability (happiness and fulfillment were perks). Fair enough, considering I’m the first of my family to go to college, the eldest of three, and my parents come from a “work hard, then work harder” upbringing. Things got a little shaky when I chose art school over a hefty scholarship in English Education, but still, they stood by me.

But what if they hadn’t?

During college I met people whose backgrounds and family situations blew my mind. But what astounded me even more was the tenacity and faith that some of those people had in themselves, and had created for themselves, in spite of everything. It was truly inspiring, and I found myself many times drawing strength from their strength. I won’t go on and on about this as much as I’d like to, but I will leave you with this final thought on the matter:

It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your situation is, or what you do. Your biggest obstacle, your biggest competition, and, more importantly, your biggest fan is YOURSELF. 

And if that’s not enough, I’m rooting for you too! ::shakes pom-poms::

Now that I’ve gabbed, follow the link to see the sizzling Veronica and how she flaunts her curves and her confidence!!

(Also, for all you photographers, I will be posting a lighting tutorial soon based on some of the looks from my shoot with Veronica, so be sure to stay tuned!)

from l to r – Karima Renee, R.Carter, Veronica Tejado, Tatiana Ward
(Karima and Tatiana are going to kill me for posting this picture, so if you don’t see me for a while, look in one of their basements! ^_^)

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