Amazing Artist: Ricky Middlesworth

Thank goodness for America’s Next Top Model!! If I hadn’t decided to give that show one (final) chance during its 714th cycle, I probably would’ve never heard of photographer Ricky Middlesworth, which really would have been a shame, since upon viewing his work he has instantly become one of my favorite commercial/editorial photographers to date. A self-described production artist, his work captivated me with his masterful use of environments, light, and body language. Something else to note: his images are always driven by the subject, and some aspect of their story.

Leila Goldkhul from ANTM Cycle 19 by Ricky Middlesworth
From ANTM Cycle 19

During his first gig on America’s Next Top Model All-Stars, Ricky’s work was described as being all about “timeless glamor,” and while I agree that his work always has some element of glamor, I wouldn’t necessarily agree that the gist of his photographic identity is built on being “timeless”. On the contrary, very often there’s a youthful, modern, at times futuristic sensibility that drives his work that I just find sooo juicy! Speaking of juicy…


This Arizona native is a guy who knows how to make a bold statement in a single image, which I’m sure is why he’s such a success  in the commercial world where that quality is gold.

The photographer himself!
The photographer himself!

Visit Ricky’s Online Portfolio for more sleek, powerful imagery!